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Environment protection and waste management

Environment protection and waste management – cornerstones of sustainability

Environment protection and appropriate waste management start with the correct specification of the products and the subsequent adequate handling. Product identification is performed with the help of an extensive database (C-Bank; ca. 51 780 products, ca. 84 470 synonyms or trade names) giving information about product properties, the hazard potential as well as specific instructions for the handling and the allowed cleaning procedure.

Another prevention measure is the removal of residuals from the tank before starting the actual cleaning process. A thoroughly removal reduces the waste water and waste air load and optimizes the cleaning process. The residuals can be disposed according to their chemical properties and, if required, to their hazard potential in an adequate way and in a concentrated form.

Dosing the right cleaning agents at the right time and in the needed quantity has also to be seen in the context of environment protection and sustainable management saving resources. The aim is to reduce the quantity of cleaning agents as far as possible without reducing cleaning efficacy and success. This is realized by the process controlling system. All cleaning and disinfection agents are stored separately and in special collecting vessels.

Besides avoiding emissions the correct handling of the existing waste water or waste air streams is of crucial importance. If necessary, waste air is sucked and decontaminated by an activated carbon filter, which is regularly regenerated and maintained. Waste water is cleaned in a state-of-the-art clarification plant built in 2005. Sophisticated technology allows saving resources and efficient cleaning at the same time. Thus, plastic granules are seperated via special sieves and a chamber filter press with high degree of efficiency reduces significantly the remaining quantity of solid waste.
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