Czerwinski GmbH Tank Cleaning

Engellaustraße 16-18
44575 Castrop-Rauxel

Monday - Friday:
7 am until 8 pm

Phone: +49 (0) 2305 92354 18

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Czerwinski GmbH - your reliable and competent partner
for your transport of chemicals or food

We offer high technical standards combined with a wide range of know-how. Since 2014 a separated state-of-the-art cleaning bay for food transporters is operating next to our two cleaning bays for chemical products. The facilities guarantee best quality regarding cleaning, hygiene, waste water and waste air treatment as well as to the operational safety proved by continuous auditing according to the requirements of CEFIC (Safety and Quality Assessment Systems (SQAS)) since 2005. As the Czerwinski GmbH is a member of DVTI (Deutscher Verband für Tankwageninnenreinigung) an EFTCO Cleaning Document is provided for each cleaning procedure. Furthermore, the Czerwinski GmbH holds a Kosher Certificate.

Besides the high technical standard and optimized handling reaching best cleaning results, one of the characteristic strengths of the Czerwinski GmbH is the consulting we provide for our customers. The Czerwinski GmbH is a family-run company with tradition - not only in tank cleaning but also in terms of transport - knowing your requirements and realizing them.

Member of
Deutscher Verban für Tankinnenreinigung e.V.
Continuous auditing according to