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Water treatment and other technics prior to cleaning

Well begun – half done

Only drinking water is used for cleaning - without exception. The supplied water undergoes quality checks according to the legal requirements. To avoid contamination and to eliminate the risk of rust development the steam generator, the heat exchanger, and the hot water boiler as well as all water pipes are made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the soft water container consists of inert plastic (polyethylene). Prior to utilization the drinking water is filtered, softened and sterilized by UV radiation.

The tank cleaning is performed via automatically rotating swivels. Water temperature up to > 80 °C is possible. The existing equipment, especially the hot water boiler, continuously provides water with 90 °C.

Saturated steam (6 bar, 164 °C) allows the disinfection of the tanks by steam cleaning reaching an outlet temperature of more than 100 °C at the dome, the drains, and hoses. Softened water is used avoiding calcification or corrosion at susceptible parts (like pumps, steam generator, pipes). Moreover, the tanks can be dried after cleaning via hot, filtered und disinfected (UV radiation) air.

The applied cleaning and disinfection agents are suited for food or feed cleaning and therefore completely safe to use presenting no health hazard. The agents are prepared following exact instructions and dosed with the help of a frequency controlled dosing system.
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